An introductory course in Visual FoxPro for programmers who are completely new to Foxpro and xBase.

This course provides a practical introduction to the XBase language in general, and to Visual FoxPro in particular. It is designed for ewcomers to VFP who have no previous XBase experience. The course also covers VFP's data-handling functions and its design tools, wizards and builders. Note: XBase is the language used in Foxpro, Clipper, dBASE, etc.

What you will achieve

At the end of the course, delegates who meet the pre-requisites will be able to create complete single-user VFP applications which uses forms, reports and menus.


To benefit from the course, you should already be familiar with at least one other programming language (not necessarily a PC or Windows language). Previous knowledge of Foxpro or XBase is not required.

Course Contents

The VFP development environment

  • The steps involved in creating an application.
  • Overview of VFP tools. Using the Project Manager to keep track of your work.

Introduction to the XBase language

  • XBase terminology, concepts and syntax.
  • How to structure a simple program.
  • Language elements: commands, variables, naming rules, data types, expressions, built-in functions.
  • Writing a more sophisticated program: user-defined functions and procedures, scoping, program flow, SET commands.
  • Working with objects, properties and methods.

Working with data

  • Understanding free tables, record structures and fields.
  • Browsing, editing, appending and deleting records.
  • Commands and functions for working with data.
  • Creating and using indexes; seeking and locating records; scope clauses; relationships between tables.

A first application

  • Overall approach to developing the application.
  • Using forms to communicate with the user.
  • Creating forms with VFP's wizards, builders and design tools.
  • Integrating forms and programs.

Adding reports and menus

  • Creating reports with the Report Wizard.
  • Controlling the printer.
  • Creating menus with the Menu Builder.
  • Calling reports and menus from the application.

Putting it together

  • Creating the finished application: the Build process.
  • Using configuration files to customize the environment.

More tools and techniques

  • An introduction to the VFP Debugger.
  • Time-saving tips, tricks and shortcuts.