Content Management

Content Management System

Working with Content Management System (CMS) will provide the capability to easily update web pages by non‐technical staff. No need to have any knowledge of software development. Working with CMS would cut the cost at least by 40% or more in terms of development and delivery time.

  • Allow for a large number of people to contribute to and share stored data
  • Control access to data, based on user roles. User roles define what information each user can view or edit
  • Aid in easy storage and retrieval of data
  • Reduce repetitive duplicate input
  • Improve the ease of report writing
  • Improve communication between users

You no longer need to have separate software to update your site content, as you can easily make changes in website content using the Internet. The need for programming or HTML knowledge is simply not required, as you can easily update content on the website without changing its design. Content management system is an ideal solution for businesses that wishes to maintain their own websites and save time and money. We implement Content Management System such as Umbraco or DotNetNuke.

Additional features that can utilized when working with CMS

  • Add and/or edit web pages
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Add and edit articles
  • Add, edit or delete picture gallery
  • Banner Adv management
  • Event and News management
  • Site usage tracking management
  • Client management
  • Admin management

Technical solution

We use in the Umbraco CMS ASP.NET 3.5. or higher and MS SQL Server 2008. Alternatively, we can work with this CMS as Dotnetnuke. Umbraco and Dotnetnuke are free.

Document Manager

The document uploading is a standard feature in Umbraco so any editor can upload any types of documents. In order to share the document with users, then the editor should take a file from the file archive and place it on a content page using Umbraco or DotNetNuke editor.

Photo gallery

The uploading of files will be fairly easy as well as other documents. Some different types of photo galleries are available. It is also possible to make a few different galleries on different pages if necessary.


Here the editor will have the possibility to create News using a Rich text editor build in and and on request it will be automatically sent to subscribers by e-mail. Each Newsletter will contain a link so the recipient can unsubscribe if need be.

Facebook or Twitter Integration

A special account should be created for this purpose. On the web site there will be a link for users to add this account as a friend to be included in Facebook. This way when the editor of the website creates News, then the corresponding post will be placed on the FaceBook wall for each user. The same idea can be used for Twitter network. The messages will be automatically posted when any news is added by the site editor. News could be send simultaneously to Facebook and Twitter at the same time.