Software Technology

.NET, PHP, Java Script and Flash development

The main thing in programming is not about technology. Programming is about thinking, understanding, planning and solving. These things are much more important for a good software than the language in which they are implemented. The story can be interesting or boring and it does not matter if it is written in English, French or German. However, it is faster to tell the story in native language. The list of our "native" languages with the implementation samples is presented below.

ASP.NET is our most popular choice for a typical "start from scratch" project. Flash / Flex / Silverlight are used whenever rich user interface is needed. PHP, Java, Perl and other languages are used when project requires it. We have proven expertise in the most popular CMS on the market, such as Sitecore, Dynamic Web, Umbraco, Composite, Dotnetnuke and dozen of others. From time to time we make software for mobile devices, including iPhone. Most of developers have advanced mathematical training and sometimes we engage in quite complex computational or scientific projects, but these projects are rare.