Custom software development as web based application or for mobile devices. Using dot net and Alpha Five technology. SQL consulting as the back end. Maintain Visual FoxPro applications. MySQL database services. We are Alpha Anywhere Developers

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Office automation while providing long term software development where you can grow with your application without the need to re-write it. Develop website, desktop or mobile applications. We use C# - cSharp or with MS SQL database as the back end. We can customize your application development based on your needs. Customized your ERP software. Convert MS Access into web based application. We develop applications using  Visual Basic .NET or Visual C# as for Desktop or build dynamic web sites, web applications and XML web services.
We provide top of the line Database Development and Remote DBA Services for the Microsoft SQL Server platform. Developed SQL routines combined with SSIS to update hundreds of GB of data. Migrate and publish your MS Access database to web based solution.
We will convert your Ms Access Application into web based or mobile application.

Custom Software Development

We build software that make companies more efficient. We analyze your operation in order to determine which is the best way to convert your manual procedures into an automatic, time-saving software solution, and can potentially make it web based. Our Custom Software Development is done via Alpha Five or Visual Studio with .Net. We can convert old MS Access applications into an efficient web based solution as well, or your Visual FoxPro applications to dot net while using MS SQL or MySQL as your database. We pride ourselves on being mobile platform development professionals as well and can easily do such.

SQL Server Remote DBA

Optimize your database and reduce runtime with your Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL database. Provide database maintenance and SQL database Planning, Architecture, and database design. We have worked with large scale databases and perform data cleansing using SSIS for data integration and transformation. We also provide data migration services from MS Access to MS SQL or to MySQL and more. We can also upgrade older MS SQL databases into MS SQL 2014.

Convert MS Access To Web

We live in a world that is constantly on the go. More employees need to be connected at home and on the road. When you make the switch and convert an MS Access database to a web based application, you give your staff the power to be productive from any place and at any time. Your MS Access database will be up-graded to MS SQL 2014 to gain better performance and storage capability. We will convert your data, improve the database design, and perform data cleansing so that run time is optimized.

Custom Software DevelopmentRemote DBA Info Convert MS Access to Web
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See this video as for Custom Software Development we did for non - profit organization as for the No Interest loan which is Student Loan Management. It has Check printing capability and Tracks down delinquent students as it is done in collection agency etc. It improved their payment collection at least by 40%. Our offices are located in Long Island - New York, Marlboro - New Jersey USA.

You can find our Custom Software Development New York very affordable and as well for Custom Software Development New Jersey.

We perform system analysis, and database design in New York and database design in New Jersey. We deal with databases such as: MS SQL 2000 to MSSQL 2014 and MySQL, MS-Access and Visual FoxPro. We provide Visual FoxPro Development and maintenance. Develop applications while using tools such as: dot net as visual studio ether for smart client or web based application. We also provide mobile application development. For database design with use data modeling tools such as xCase, and provide data cleansing such as: Remove duplicate records or DeDupe your data.


We developed the best Car Rental Software for the Avis car rental company. It manages 30 locations in north NJ USA. Call us for more info at: 732-536-5765

Additional Summary of our services:

  • Database design and MySQL consulting in nj
  • Query engine and reporting tool for MySQL database
  • Database Design - using data modeling tools.
  • Mssql 2014 as back end and below end for website development
  • Migrating applications from desktop to a web based applications
  • Web site development while using Dot net
  • MS SQL database development and optimization
  • Develop and maintain Visual Foxpro applications.
  • MSSQL Database development in NJ.
  • Visual FoxPro development, convert Visual FoxPro to web
  • MSSQL consultants in NJ, MySQL consultants in NY.
  • ERP and CRM software selection and implementation.
  • Alpha Five Programmer and perform Alpha Software development.
  • Purchase order management and your interaction with Vendors.
  • Alpha Five software development as database website solutions.
  • Convert your MS Access application as a web based solution using Alpha Five Software for development
  • MS SQL Remote DBA Services. Check our services for Mobile Application Development and Alpha AnyWhere Development.

We also implemented Fuzzy Logic in our MSSQL development. Using SSIS to import and update data to ensue meaningful data. We are dot net consultants using different Microsoft tools for full office automation. SQL server consulting firm as MS SQL and MySQL and providing database design and optimization.

We provide custom software development as website or desktop solutions based on your specifc needs. These are the tools for our office automation: cSharp, VB.Net, MS Access, Visual Studio, Visual FoxPro, MS SQL, MySQL and Alpha Anywhere

We implements Open Source CRM and ERP software.