MS SQL Server Solutions

At the Farber Consulting Group Inc., we provide MS SQL solutions. Be sure to check our MS SQL Blog for large scale data and data cleansing solutions. Our team of database experts and Developers ensures the top performance for your database system, which results in increased productivity and lower overhead costs, not to mention an increase in revenue.

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Tightly integrated, highly reliable, and secured MS SQL Development

We provide tightly integrated, highly reliable, and secure MS SQL Server solutions for all your users' needs - from database infrastructure, highly available clusters, offsite replication, to performance tuning. We make technology work for you!

We are able to leverage our Microsoft SQL Server subject matter experts to provide leadership role, augment local service providers, design hybrid hosted data center, and use the best practices managing enterprise environments. No matter what level of assistance you need deploying Microsoft server and client solutions, we make it easy to understand, manage, and utilize.


Our MS SQL server Experts provide remote DBA services for your organization

MS SQL Server Services

We also focus on Microsoft Online Hosted SQL Server migrations, coexistence and integration.

Our goal is to help you unleash the full potential of MS SQL Server. The idea is to make Microsoft SQL Server work for you all hours of the day and every day of the year. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of advice; someone to assess your ideas to make sure you are heading down the right path. At other times, you might need more, whether that be tailored training for your staff or maybe help to design a Database Disaster Recovery Plan that your staff can actually implement and follow should you encounter the worst-case scenario.

SQL Consultants in NJ, NY, and for Remote Work

Our SQL consultants can provide in-house support for your database if your company is in the New York or New Jersey areas. However, we also offer remote SQL consultants to companies anywhere in the world. Our well-trained and experienced staff are always available when you need MS SQL development, SQL server migrations, or even the development and design of a new database from scratch.

If you are looking for the right MS consultants to help your business thrive, then the experience and skill of our team here at the Farber Consulting Group Inc. can provide exactly what you have been searching for. This is the smart and affordable solution when you need in-house or remote database consulting services.

MS SQL Consulting Services You Can Trust

At the Farber Consulting Group, Inc., we offer the MS SQL consulting services that your firm can rely on. We can help you to upgrade from an older version of SQL server and migrate your database to the new software. Our SQL consulting team can also integrate your database with custom-developed software, analyze your server for maximum efficiency, and evaluate your data reporting so that you are seeing numbers that actually mean something to your business. If you want to have your database system, evaluated, integrated, optimized, or migrated, we’re the company for you. Performance tuning MS SQL databases is one of the most important things that we do!

MS SQL Performance Tuning to Improve Productivity

Performance tuning MS SQL databases is about more than just getting rid of duplicate data (even though that is the fastest way to speed up your database’s response time). Some of the things that our MS SQL performance tuning team will use in order to ramp up the speed of your database include:

  • SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services – This is how we help you to be able to extract the data that you need from your database in order to make business decisions. A clear format makes it simple to see trends and future business needs.
  • SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services – From cleansing and mining data to copying and downloading files, this is how we help you to solve some of the most challenging problems your business faces.
  • SSAS – SQL Server Analysis Services – Another advantage of SQL Server is this built-in analysis tool. We use it to help you make sense of your database and to help make it more scalable.

These are just some of the ways that our SQL consulting team works to ensure that your database is fully optimized and ready to help your users be more productive and bring in greater revenue for your business.

Search Engine Experts in MS SQL Server

We also specialize in search engine optimization especially when it comes to big data and databases over 1TB in storage size. We can create searches based on different weight levels. If the search is not found based on one criterion, then the Stored Procedure will call different levels of searches and display each record sorted based on its weight. This algorithm will go into different levels until the total search result records have been met.

Expert in data about people

We also specialize in data about people such as finding relatives and associates based on certain techniques we have developed, by presenting different sections of the data based on demographics and other criteria. It is also based on our unique search techniques we have developed. We use fuzzy logic that simplifies design complexity. This is just one more outstanding way that our SQL consultants go the extra mile in helping your business to thrive in the modern digital economy.

Remove Duplicate Records MS SQL Server - De-Dupe Data

We can import or export data while providing data cleansing capabilities. One important aspect of that is to remove duplicate records (De-Dupe) from your table. Removing records should be done very carefully and once completed, the data should be merged into one good record.

You could have three different records, and only the 3rd one could have the DOB field filled with data, while in other duplicate records, that field could be empty. Some records could miss the phone number, and we can merge all of that to ensure each record is complete, just without the duplicates. With our expertise, we will make sure that all the data is combined into one good record with the duplicate records removed from your database, thus improving efficiency and saving money in the long run.

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