Some of our many services include:

  • Database design including MS Access development, SQL consulting services.
  • Remote database administration and known as Remote DBA.
  • Development of Feasibility Studies for Specific Applications.
  • System Analysis for your software development needs.
  • Database design while using Data Modeling tool as xCase.
  • Full System Development using Visual Studio 2015, dot net, Visual FoxPro, MS-Access, and and C#.
  • Website site development with back end as MS SQL database engine.
  • Provide Quality Assurance for the developed application.
  • Provide office Automation Services.
  • Develop an Applications with Integrated Images.
  • Web site Integration for Existing Applications and Databases.
  • Converting Existing Applications from Visual FoxPro or MS Access to Web-Based Applications.
  • Dot net developers which is part of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.
  • Mobile Application Development.

We are happy to assist our clients through every step of the process—from developing specs that meet your company’s needs to delivering the final product for installation.

System Analysis and Development

The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the basis for all of our system analysis and design services. Analysis begins with reviewing your current work environment and automation capabilities to determine what needs have to be met and what the future needs of the company will be. This allows for the development of scalable solutions that will not only meet your company’s needs today and a year from now but on into the future. 

Database design is one of the key elements when it comes to customized application software. Avoiding duplicate data is a must to create a fast and efficient software product. Normalization of data also speeds up the process by ensuring you only have to enter data once for the entire system. For more info see our discussion for the Database Design.

Integration of data and graphics

Long lists of data are not only boring, but they can also be difficult to read at a glance. Integrating data with graphics allows for visual reporting that provides quick and easy to understand results. Perfect applications include using graphics for everything from a real estate database to meeting a human resource department’s needs.

Custom Software Development

We specialize in using dot net, C#, Vb.Net which is part of Visual Studio 2015. We strive to provide you the best solutions for the custom software development we provide for our clients. The dot net technology is what we use to develop custom software that meets your brand’s unique needs. 

We use this commercial framework to accelerate our custom software development services, which speeds up delivery times. In addition, we integrate controls from DevExpress which maximizes our productivity. All of this gets passed onto the client as it allows us to stay on schedule and on budget with custom projects—something often lacking in the custom software development industry.

Detailed Applications Design

Our dot net and SQL server consultants have the skill to offer your business the detailed applications design services you need for both web and mobile applications. As a result, your company is able benefits from custom features that meet your organization’s unique requirements. 

Whether you have a database of rental cars that you need to keep tabs on or you want to automate your company’s accounting department, we offer the mobile application development services you need. We also offer Visual FoxPro consulting to maintain your existing applications.

MS Access Development

A successful web or mobile based application begins with solid database design. Our MS Access development team is highly experienced and able to create fast and efficient databases that eliminate duplicate data and provide the perfect foundation for your company’s custom software needs. 

We also maintain existing databases and convert MS Access databases to web solutions that can provide your company with a more scalable database. Ask about our remote DBA services, and save time and money by outsourcing your database administration needs.

Normalized data available to all modules.

In short, normalized data means that you enter data in one place and use it throughout your system. For example, when entering a new customer’s information, you may include the client’s shipping and billing addresses. Then when preparing an invoice, you can select the billing address rather than having to reenter it. This ensures consistent results rather than the problems that are associated with potential human error.

Database Design Experts

We provide the database design services that New York and New Jersey business owners love. Our data modeling tools speed up the process and ensure an optimized database that reacts at the speed the modern business world requires. 

Call 732-536-4665 today to get started on your database or custom application today. Our MS solutions experts are ready to help you grow your business and simplify your day-to-day business operations through software automation.

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