What Custom Programming can Do for You?

  • Custom software development makes sure your computers are adapting to how you run your business, and not the other way around. Convert any manual procedures you have with automation features designed the way you need them.
  • Building your own select software makes your digital assets as unique as your business. This is a boost to productivity and a reduction in cost. Custom programming your software to reflect the uniqueness of your business gives you a competitive edge.
  • Combine the uniqueness of your business with the requirements of your users to give them an experience they will never forget. When the need arises, features can be easily added. You own the intellectual property, and we still have the source code.

Check our Videos of Custom Applications we Developed for our Satisfied Customers:

1. See below the video for an accounting software we developed. and a Java Script word processor. The user can generate UN-limited reports.

For more details of the above video please check the No Interest Loans application. Please check some of our additional videos we created so you get you a better understanding of our software development accomplishments. 

2. Check out this video about our custom no-interest loan software that increased collections by 40%! You may also check the Car Rental Software we developed for the Avis Car Rental company to get some ideas.

3. Check the Messaging System For Multi-Tenant Application that we developed as SaaS for 250 school districts.

See our additional videos for custom application development jobs we do along with the ms sql consulting services we provide.

You may check some of our additional videos for the custom software development we do and the ms sql consulting services we provide.

Why Hire Custom Software Developers?

Proprietary software can breathe new life into your business. Your company is unique, so cookie-cutter software platforms could never match your precise needs. Custom software developers can focus on your business processes to offer applications that improve efficiency and enhance employee productivity. Therefore, custom software is necessary for maximizing profits and helping your company to grow and thrive.

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As custom software development company we can recommend and advise the type of hardware for the server, tablets, or any type of desktop computer. In many cases there is no need to change the hardware much if at all. Our custom software developers will help you with the entire specs preparation. In addition, will suggest you new features and technologies that fits your firm and will improve your productivity and help you be more prosperous.

Convert Old Applications to Web Based Solutions:

  • Are you still working with desktop applications still trapped on your local computer?
  • Has anyone in the company not been able to do something because they are in one place and what they need to access is somewhere else?

We can help.

  • Our custom programming solutions take any desktop application, remake it as a web application that can be used from the cloud, and retain all the useful features while trimming down the app itself by discarding things you’ve never needed.
  • A web-based solution is great for productivity, especially when you can access it from any device at any time from anywhere you and the members of your team are.

Web Scraping & Data Analytics Services:

Collecting data throughout the web on a constant basis is vital part of an effective business intelligence strategy. Alongside first-class web scraping services, we develop the database your newly collected data will be stored in.

We create the application that analyses your data and produces intelligence.

This generates information you have that your competitors won’t. Seeing the entire competitive landscape in real-time is a huge advantage. Our full-stack web scraping services alert you to opportunities in your industry you can react to immediately, propelling you to the top of your market.

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A Universal, Worldwide Web Solution:

Our developers will provide the perfect custom web solution you can run anywhere in the world, with the best design possible. You will be able to run our application on your desktop, laptop or any mobile device you own, like iPhone, iPad, Surface Pro or any other.

Whatever works on your desktop will work just as well on any mobile device. It provides more flexibility, and results in more savings.

Custom Software Application Development:

One of the advantages of custom software application development is the ability to create a user-centric product. When you build your applications around your user, the result is software that is simple to use and intuitive for new employees or clients. It all begins with finding out what your business and users need the most. Then we start building the software around those specific requirements.

Mobile Application Development:

In today’s business world you need to react immediately to any business opportunity coming your way.

Any purchase order or invoice printing that you may need to process on the fly while you are on the field can be implemented via mobile devices. With mobile application development we can provide you a total solution for your business needs.

We can develop your organization a custom purchase order or an invoice that fits your mobile device or any software solution to increase your productivity while you are outside your office.

The following are the steps for the Custom Software Development we provide:

  1. Business analysis and the preparation of software specifications.
  2. Feasibility study and requirement analysis for your business.
  3. The design your application, architecture development, and implementation.
  4. User interface design for the software development.
  5. Software maintenance and support for all or new applications.
  6. Database design and database optimization such as: MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL and Visual FoxPro.
  7. Systems integration and consolidation from different applications.
  8. Software Re-engineering, migration from old to new technology, for web based or mobile.
  9. Customization of an ERP system, developed as an extension that enhances your ERP software.

The Scope of Your Project:

Our consulting team will work closely with you to analyze your requirements via gathering all the information on how your business runs on a daily basis. We will discuss your business objectives to ensure that every detail will be the part of the requirements.

Development of Software Prototype:

The Alpha Five software development technology or also as known as Alpha AnyWhere allows us to create a quick prototype of your application. This way you quickly understand the application behavior as well as the look and feel of your software. In this stage we can easily change the look and feel based on your requirements.

The database will be constantly tweaked as we progress with the software development.

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Our Developers Are Database experts:

The success of your application really depends on how well the database is designed and optimized in terms of the relations between tables, and how many years of experience the software developers have.

Prevention of data redundancy is crucial for the application to run smoothly. It is all a matter of well-designed databases and this way we make sure the data is entered once and applied for the whole application, data must only be entered once.

For your custom software development, we use MS SQL 2019 as the back end for the best database performance.

For MS Access applications we can break down the database to front end and back end. The database for the back end that we use is MS SQL for the best application performance. This way all data for the MS Access application is stored in a much more powerful secured database which is MS SQL 2019.

Convert MS Access to Web:

If you need to access your MS Access application from Anywhere in the world, we have the solution for you.
We can take your MS Access and create a prototype for your web application based on the current functionality of your application.

In addition, we will recommend you of slew of new enhancements. When we convert MS Access to web, it could work also for any mobile device based on your requirements.

Software Implementation and Maintenance Support:

As Custom software development company when the application is implemented our firm will continue to support and upgrade your application, especially when business rules are changed in this fast lane environment. Training the users that supposed to work with the application is also part of the software implementation.

A part of our software implementation is not only to optimize your database but also to train all company staff that will be working with the application so that you can get up and running in an instant and save money right away.

Technologies we use:

Dot Net, Alpha Five, Java Script,  MS SQL 2019 or lower, MySQL database,  SSIS - SQL Server Integration Services and MS Access.

Custom Software Development NY Businesses Need:

For custom software development NY businesses need the most, contact the Farber Consulting Group. We are now creating new software applications for mobile and web use. Hiring database developers to work on your custom software development ensures seamless integration for your database. This will speed up your system and allow the software to provide the rapid response that you need in real-time for your business.

Bottom Line

Our custom software development team will optimize your procedures, automate your office, save you time, and save you money.

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