How We Save You Money?

Hiring an in-house database administrator is an unnecessary expense for most companies. While the services of a database administrator are needed, that need is very often intermittent. Thus, a consulting service is in the best position to provide you “as needed” support.

You only pay for the services you use, rather than having someone on salary and having to look for jobs for them to do when there isn't a need in the database department. Your main expense will come during the planning, developing, and implementation stages. Support and maintenance is provided on an as needed basis.

Why using our Remote DBA services?

Here are a few things that make The Farber Consulting Group Inc. a cut above the rest when it comes to database administrator consulting services.

Do you have terabytes of data in your system? Then you need to have a database administrator with experience in working with data on a large scale. We can help you to optimize a database in order to achieve fast results from queries. Why wait minutes for a report to run when an optimized database can provide the same results in mere seconds?

We also specialize in the elimination of duplicate data. Sometimes something as simple as leaving one field empty can cause a duplicate record to be entered. Let us help you merge these duplicates, thus clearing up space on your server and reducing query time.

Are you using multiple databases? Let us help you consolidate all of your records into one simple to operate database.

Do your queries not always return the data you were looking for? We have experience in creating the best algorithms. You'll get the data you want the first time you ask for a report.

The Final Verdict

Why settle for one in-house database administrator when you can have a team of trained professionals providing a remote DBA service when you need it. You get the combined experience and knowledge of a team of pros, and you save money by only paying for the service when necessary. Using our database administrator services is the smart business move.

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