Reading the Database information:

VisualRep reads all data dictionary elements automatically from each database type. This includes tables, relations, fields name, fields format and captions. This functionality allows even inexperienced users to easily create reports by running a query wizard. The Databases are: MS-Access, SQL Server, Oracle, FoxPro Databases, DBCX and Promatrix Data Dictionary.

Dynamic Update:

If any table was removed from any data dictionary such as: VFP or MS Access databases then this table will be automatically removed from the list of available tables. All queries and reports based on the removed table will alert the user on the problem. The user will have the opportunity to rectify the problem.

Switch Between Database

Provides point-and-shoot to switch between different databases.

Creating new language is quite easy, see the steps in the Multilingual manager subject. You may also create new strings for your reports. This way all of your reports captions will be localized to the selected language. In addition you can create a language hook to your application within VisualRep. Using that hook, which could be the language ID of your application, will provide VisualRep the means to find your application language in VisualRep and set itself automatically to the new selected language from your application.

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