Having your own word processor allows you to create your own letters freely based on templates and save them. You can add as many fields as needed and place them anywhere in the Letter's body.

Now you have the capability to create as many letters as needed to be generated as PDF reports. It is called WYSIWYG editor. This is an HTML text editor which brings many of the powerful editing functions of known desktop editors such as: Microsoft Word. It's very flexible and can be expanded and additional features can be added.

It has a spell check built in, and this technology is based on the ckEditor engine. We created a suite of base reports that you can use or create your own templates. Simply click the Copy New Template button and it is done.

For now there are 3 based templates and you can create as many templates as needed for any type of letters.

You can use this editor to create any specific dunning letters and then generate it as a report, based on date range or loan number.

It has full blown dunning and collection letters management capability which lets you can track down people the same way collection agencies do. Collection agencies can try this application and basically we can customize it to for your specific requirements.

This video provides details of the word processor and how to create un limited letters.

Below is the selection of different templates per each report:

Double click the First Notice Letter 1 and you will get the ckEditor as shown below:

The CKEditor functions basically as a word processor and enables you to create a document as you do it in Microsoft Word.

You can choose different types of fonts and create tables and insert images and all could be integrated with the generated PDF report. You have full control where to place any image or a table as dome in Microsoft word.

You can select different place holders to merge into the letter's body as shown below:

Merge function in your document, is actually to take the info from your database and merge that into the place holders of your document template.

Click the Edit button above to get the Place Holders to choose from.

When you click the Edit button in the above screen shot you will get the list of fields as shown below to be inserted into the document. Each row provides the explanation for each one of the field.

Here is how you generate the First Notice Letter report and choose the template which will be based upon.

Now you can create your own template to maximize convenience and generate web based reports from anywhere in the world at any time. When each document confirmed as sent, a document record is created with all details associated with it.

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