Finding MySQL Consulting Experts at Your Convenience

Finding MySQL Consulting Experts at Your Convenience.

Who should use MySQL consulting services? Any business that uses MySQL! The fact is that consultants are a much more efficient way to operate your database. Rather than paying a full-time salary for a job that only needs to be done on occasion, consultants are a great way to save money. You also have the added advantage of hiring an expert who doesn’t have to divide their time handling other matters. MySQL consulting is what we do, and we do it well.

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The Importance of SQL Performance Optimization

It is difficult to understate the importance of SQL performance optimization in the modern business world. Companies and consumers alike expect everything to take place instantly. I guess we have the Internet, broadband, and cell phones to thank for that. The end result for your business is the need for a lightning fast database to support web and mobile applications as well as desktop software. That’s why the Farber Consulting Group Inc. offers SQL performance optimization. Our optimization services include:

  • Elimination of Duplicate Data – Data duplication is the archenemy of database speed. Eliminating dupes often relieves most database bottlenecks.
  • Elimination of Unnecessary Queries – Are there some queries that slow down the system and don’t even provide any useful data? Eliminating those queries so that they are never accidentally used can go a long way to boosting performance.
  • Creating Manageable Fields – Let’s take the Address field as our example. If the entire address is being placed in one field, that’s a lengthy field. By splitting Address up into City, State, Zip, Street, Address Number, etc., you not only make the data more useful but things also flow faster. Another culprit is the email address field. A good fix is to separate the email name and the domain.
  • Scaling – Sometimes a database just gets too big for its support system. It may mean taking an older Access database and developing a new MySQL or MS SQL database that can handle the amount of data.
  • Migration – Keeping your data intact when migrating from one type of database to another is vital. Lost data can cost your clients. Duplicated data can sap time and money.

This is just the short list of services we offer. If you need something that isn’t found above, be sure to ask during a consultation.

We Provide Remote Database Administrator Services.

As a remote DBA we can be responsible for the database design, implementation, and the maintenance of your company's database. Improve the database performance is the end result of our efforts. The Farber Consulting Group, Inc. has tremendous amount of experience with large scale of database. Our MySQL consultants are experts in database optimization and database performance tuning and including MySQL Configuration. If you would like to learn more about our MySQL or SQL consulting firm then, please check our Remote DBA blog for articles about the kind of work we do.

Database Performance Tuning Will Save Time and Money

Especially if you have recently upgraded to MySQL, it is important to go through some database performance tuning. The default settings are not always the ones that are most efficient for your particular organization’s needs.

Besides just reconfiguring the database, there may also be some server considerations. Fine tuning the way the CPU operates can also boost speed and shave seconds off your response time. Time is money. In the digital age, that time is broken down into microseconds. Every fraction of a second counts when a customer is performing a search or an employee is looking up a record.

Tuning MySQL Performance Is Our Specialty

Now that you understand the need for tuning MySQL performance, it is time to understand why the Farber Consulting Group Inc. is where to turn for consultants. MySQL offers many variables that can all have an effect on your database’s speed. Some of the most prominent include:

  • key_buffer_size
  • table_cache
  • query_cache_size

There are many others to choose from. The main thing to remember is this: You want an experienced team in your corner. No one expects your staff to be able to make these minute adjustments on their own. Our experienced consultants can finesse every last bit of speed out of your system. A fast database saves you both time and money. It allows for better customer service and a less frustrated staff. Why not ask for a consultation today to discern how your database can be improved.

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