Finding MySQL and MS SQL Consulting Experts at Your Convenience

Finding MySQL Consulting and SQL Consulting Experts at Your Convenience.

Who should use MySQL consulting services? Any business that uses MySQL! The fact is that consultants are a much more efficient way to operate your database. Rather than paying a full-time salary for a job that only needs to be done on occasion, consultants are a great way to save money. You also have the added advantage of hiring an expert who doesn’t have to divide their time handling other matters. MySQL consulting is what we do, and we do it well.

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The Importance of SQL Performance Optimization:

It is difficult to understate the importance of SQL performance optimization in the modern business world. Companies and consumers alike expect everything to take place instantly. I guess we have the Internet, broadband, and cell phones to thank for that. The end result for your business is the need for a lightning fast database to support web and mobile applications as well as desktop software. That’s why The Farber Consulting Group Inc. offers SQL performance optimization. Our optimization services include:

  • Elimination of Duplicate Data – Data duplication is the archenemy of database speed. Eliminating dupes often relieves most database bottlenecks.
  • Elimination of Unnecessary Queries – Are there some queries that slow down the system and don’t even provide any useful data? Eliminating those queries so that they are never accidentally used can go a long way to boosting performance.
  • Creating Manageable Fields – Let’s take the Address field as our example. If the entire address is being placed in one field, that’s a lengthy field. By splitting Address up into City, State, Zip, Street, Address Number, etc., you not only make the data more useful but things also flow faster. Another culprit is the email address field. A good fix is to separate the email name and the domain.
  • Scaling – Sometimes a database just gets too big for its support system. It may mean taking an older Access database and developing a new MySQL or MS SQL database that can handle the amount of data.
  • Migration – Keeping your data intact when migrating from one type of database to another is vital. Lost data can cost your clients. Duplicated data can sap time and money.

This is just the short list of services we offer. If you need something that isn’t found above, be sure to ask during a consultation.

We Provide Remote Database Administrator Services:

As a remote DBA we can be responsible for the database design, implementation, and the maintenance of your company's database. Improve the database performance is the end result of our efforts. The Farber Consulting Group, Inc. has tremendous amount of experience with large scale of database. Our MySQL consultants are experts in database optimization and database performance tuning and including MySQL Configuration. If you would like to learn more about our MySQL or SQL consulting firm then, please check our Remote DBA blog for articles about the kind of work we do.

Database Performance Tuning Will Save Time and Money:

Especially if you have recently upgraded to MySQL, it is important to go through some database performance tuning. The default settings are not always the ones that are most efficient for your particular organization’s needs.

Besides just re-configuring the database, there may also be some server considerations. Fine tuning the way the CPU operates can also boost speed and shave seconds off your response time. Time is money. In the digital age, that time is broken down into microseconds. Every fraction of a second counts when a customer is performing a search or an employee is looking up a record.

Tuning MySQL Performance Is Our Specialty:

Now that you understand the need for tuning MySQL performance, it is time to understand why the Farber Consulting Group Inc. is where to turn for consultants. MySQL offers many variables that can all have an effect on your database’s speed. Some of the most prominent include:

  • key_buffer_size
  • table_cache
  • query_cache_size

There are many others to choose from. The main thing to remember is this: You want an experienced team in your corner. No one expects your staff to be able to make these minute adjustments on their own. Our experienced consultants can finesse every last bit of speed out of your system. A fast database saves you both time and money. It allows for better customer service and a less frustrated staff. Why not ask for a consultation today to discern how your database can be improved.

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We are an MS SQL Consulting firm and provide MySQL database services and located in central New Jersey, serving worldwide needs. Thanks to our MS SQL or MySQL remote services that can be performed from anywhere. You get the convenience of professional and experienced DBA SQL consulting or MySQL Consulting without the expense of hiring an in-house employee.

Feel free to contact us at any time. Bear in mind that we can assist you onsite or remotely. So, whether you need a remote database administrator or are a local company in the New York or New Jersey areas in need of SQL consulting, the Farber Consulting Group Inc. is here for you.

For additional benefits of how our remote DBA can help your firm plus migrating into the cloud then please check this article: Hire a Remote DBA as Your SQL or MySql Consultants and Get These Benefits.

Why Your Company Needs Our SQL Consulting Services?

The Farber Consulting Group, Inc. is here to help you solve your database problems with our SQL consulting experts. What are some of the top reasons your company would need our SQL database experts?

  1. You don’t have a highly skilled SQL DBA on your staff – Don’t worry; most companies don’t have someone who can handle this in-house.
  2. Your custom software is running slower than it did when you first got it – A poorly optimized database will slow down your applications, and even more so as your business scales.
  3. The version of SQL Server you are using is out of date – The right SQL Server consulting services will stop this from happening.
  4. You have SQL consultants now, but they aren’t getting the job done – Unfortunately, not every “professional” is a true SQL database expert.
  5. You have a DBA in-house, but they don’t have all the necessary skills – Our remote SQL DBA services may be just the support your in-house team needs to succeed.
  6. It’s too expensive to have someone take care of it in-house – Maybe you even had someone in the past but had to let them go because it just wasn’t cost-effective.

The Farber Consulting Group, Inc. has all the SQL consulting services your business needs. Here are eight of the services our clients appreciate the most.

#1 Our SQL Consultants Keep You Up to Date:

There are plenty of consulting firms out there who can install SQL Server, but they are not all experts. Not only can we optimize your database, but we can also help keep it up to date by upgrading your system to the latest version. Additionally, we can migrate your database from an older desktop system (like MS Access) to a scalable web solution like MS SQL Server.

#2 We Are Database Experts at Both the Design and Development of a Database:

We often meet clients who have an existing database that runs slowly because it wasn’t designed properly in the first place. You need a good foundation in the design of your database. Then your business can grow, and the database will grow with you (without slowing you down due to things like duplicate records or the lack of database optimization).

#3 Assessing Your Database to Optimize Performance:

A slow database doesn’t always mean you have to start from scratch. Our talented SQL database experts can reverse engineer your database to see if a little fine-tuning is all you need to get back on the right track. We’ll monitor your database performance, so you’ll get the required optimization before you even start to notice a slowdown in your application functionality.

#4 We Provide Ongoing SQL Server Maintenance:

Even the best database design will require upkeep so that it can keep pace with your unique business needs. We keep a schedule of routine maintenance in order to minimize downtime and catch minor issues before they turn into something big that impacts your business processes. We also add some automated services that can prevent issues before they start.

#5 Reducing Downtime and Sharing Data Efficiently with Clustering and Replication:

Clustering and Replication are two useful features of MS SQL Server. Our SQL Server consulting team will use clustering to minimize downtime by providing you access to the database through multiple nodes. If one goes down, your business is still up and running. Replication copies any new record in the master database to a secondary database, keeping the two servers in sync. This protects you against server downtime.

For example, during a SQL consulting project for Avis Car Rental Company, we implemented replication to ensure both of their servers would always sync flawlessly. Since the two servers are in different locations, this acts as a failsafe for disasters as well. If the first server is ever down, the second takes over automatically and is already perfectly synced. When the original server is brought back online, any new data added syncs in the other direction to ensure there is no loss.

#6 Powering the Queries Decision Makers Need:

Business intelligence can give you a competitive advantage, and a lot of the information your decision makers need is going to come from your database. SQL Server offers integration and reporting services that will help your business leaders to have the data they need at their fingertips when it matters most.

#7 Migration to an MS Azure SQL Database:

Modern business takes place in the cloud and an Azure SQL database allows you to cut costs, increase productivity, and keep up with the times. Our SQL database experts can help you migrate to the cloud and maintain the technology into the future.

#8 MS SQL Database Security:

You probably hear about hacks occurring to one company or another every day. You need every single instance of your SQL Server database to be thoroughly secured. There’s no substitution for strong passwords and training your staff not to click on every link that gets emailed to them. However, overlapping SQL Server security measures ensure that your database is as protected as possible from within.

FAQ - For MySQL and MS SQL Consulting:

#1 What is the process for basic troubleshooting on an MS SQL Server database?

The essential part of the troubleshooting process involves making it possible for our remote DBA (database administrator) to be able to do the troubleshooting remotely. This way you don’t have to wait for someone to be able to come to your office any time there is an issue or required maintenance. To enable remote troubleshooting, we will set up secure access to the MS SQL Server database and use that access for troubleshooting purposes.

#2 Are your MS SQL Server consultants experienced?

Absolutely! Our team of professional SQL Server consultants can help your company with any database project.

Our SQL Server database experts have more than 25 years of experience on average. The SQL Server consultants at The Farber Consulting Group, Inc. are passionate about database design, development, and maintenance.

Our industry leading database experts have worked with businesses like Avis Car Rental Company for database maintenance and optimization, so you know that you can trust our team too.

One of our SQL Consultants, is an MS MVP, which provides him access to the MS development team of the MS SQL Engine. We may use this privilege in case of some serious problems that must be resolved. 

#3 What kind of support does The Farber Consulting Group, Inc. offer for SQL Server Consulting?

We pride ourselves on fast response times and proactive strategies that maximize uptime for your database. Our team of database experts offer a wide range of skill sets so that your company has access to an expert who knows how to fix your problem. You don’t have to rely on one tech support individual who may or may not be able to provide the needed solution.

#4 Does The Farber Consulting Group, Inc. offer support for cloud-based databases in Azure SQL?

Yes! We have experienced SQL consultants who can provide support onsite for your SQL Server database and who can provide solutions for your Azure SQL database. We can even help you determine if your preexisting SQL Server was set up correctly.

Our proactive approach considers the configuration, disaster recovery, performance, and security settings and practices to ensure that your SQL Server environment is optimized for your business.

#5 Do you provide business continuity planning?

Yes, one of our sql server consulting services is to help your business to maximize uptime by planning ahead for database continuity. We can develop business continuity solutions that reduce or eliminate database downtime. We provide robust safeguards that can help your business to recover after a disaster by protecting your data to ensure your business survives even if your current offices are damaged by a disaster.

#6 What is the advantage of remote DBA services for an MS SQL database?

There are several benefits of using remote DBA services for your MS SQL database. You save money by not having to hire a full-time support person. A remote DBA may be able to offer a wider array of services and expertise than an in-house employee. Services are flexible and affordable, providing you with only the support and services you actually need. We can help you to determine which remote DBA services will best meet your business needs and budget.

#7 Why hire a remote DBA to service your MySQL database?

Your company needs a remote DBA to ensure that your MySQL database is monitored and maintained 24 hours a day by an experienced professional. From performing normal system maintenance to implementing critical upgrades, our MySQL consultants can help to ensure that your MySQL database is always running smoothly.

#8 What Is the Difference Between MySQL and MS SQL Server?

If you are looking to add a new database system for your company, you will probably be using either MySQL or MS SQL Server. They are the most common relational database management systems. However, there are some significant differences. The most significant difference is this:

  • MySQL is open-source.
  • MS SQL Server is developed by Microsoft.
  • MySQL is also free.

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