This is customizable web site application that manages no interest loan. It could be implemented to any industry such as: education as a Student Loan or for any other purpose. The below is an example of a No Interest Loan that was customized to work as Student Loan Management which provides you the capability to manage interest free loans. It helps you to track down any loan payment that was issued to a student and also track down any receivables from the student after graduation. It also provides the capability to defer any loan payment for a simple reason such as: The student continues to a master program or could be some medical reason or any type of reason. It handles dunning letters and check printing.

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The College Tracking System (CTS) is designed to assist counselors in guiding students in selecting and preparing for their futures. It is also extremely useful to guidance departments compiling state reporting data, and producing reports generating positive public relations. By tracking GPA, SAT I, SAT II, ACT, AP, PSAT and TOEFL Scores, as well as college application outcomes. It is easy to see exactly what it takes to be accepted at desired colleges and universities. It is a wonderful motivating tool for underclassmen! CTS also provides a vehicle to track student scholarships. It can be used to track school to work and/or the military as well. CTS `can also track where students are going after graduation and what it took to get them there. It is versatile and easy to use. CTS Shows at a glance where students are being accepted. It provides a listing of all schools / employers the student had applied to and how they have fared. Includes GPA, and all the activities, test results, and schools the student has applied to. In addition, compiles data on graduates going to 2 or 4 year schools in or out of state by ethnicity, gender and much more.

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VisualRep is a query and reporting tool for developers and end users alike. It is TWO products in ONE:

  • A stand alone Ad Hoc report writer which can run by the end user from the computer desktop, or within an application.
  • An Object model for developers allowing them to easily integrate their application and run Queries and Reports.

It offers a broad range of features, including access to the most popular databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Visual FoxPro, and MS Access. VisualRep reads all data dictionary metadata directly from the specified Database, such as tables, relations, fields name, field formats and captions. You can generate a report with the following outputs: PDF, HTML, Word, Excel, XML, Text and Dbf file. For the PDF file there is no need to install the Adobe Acrobat. It could be the report writer of your choice.

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Multi-Tenant Database Application for Sending Messages or Updates as News. It can help you create News for Thousands for Employees in different companies and turn them off when needed. It can serve multiple companies at the same time. Each company is considered as a tenant. You can use the Message editor capability and change the fonts and colors to to your liking.

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Bidstar is a program that manages all aspects of the bidding process. By automating the bidding process and eliminating many calculations, Bidstar lets you concentrate on the critical issues while reducing time and making analysis more efficient. It is designed to facilitate the entire bidding process and works for and works for Individual Districts and Municipalities as well as cooperatives. Bidstar allows you to database a limitless number of items and vendors associated with a bid. It will calculate the lowest bid.

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It will enable you to import payroll files generated by Payroll companies and track down the file name, the Employees names and their salaries, the date of salaries and much more. Also based on that data you can generate the bonus report while entering any data range. You can control the conditions that and based on that to calculate the bonus report. Other reports could be created as well. The report could be generated as PDF, Spread Sheet, HTM and as a text file.

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