Convert Access to Web and Gain Access to Your Database from Anywhere

Is the Best Choice for Your Business to Convert Access to Web?

MS Access certainly has its place in the database world. However, there comes a time when you will have to convert Access to web if you want to expand your business. Why is this the case? How can the MS SQL consulting services offered by the Farber Consulting Group help? Here is what you need to know about our custom software developers and the benefits you can derive from making the change.

Our MS Access Developers Can Help You Upgrade Your Database

If you want to be able to access your database and your software from any location, then you need to migrate from desktop software to web-based applications. One of the big advantages of this upgrade is the ability to see your inventory in real-time without having to be at the desk in your office. You can check on a purchase order and see whether it has been filled. You can close your deals and assure clients that items are in stock and will ship immediately, even if you are presently traveling. So you can go ahead and take that trip you were planning, knowing that it won’t cost you that big sale because you can finish it from anywhere!

In this way, the decision to convert Access to web is an ERP solution that streamlines your business processes. Our MS Access developers can assist you in maintaining the functionality of your desktop database, but with the addition of the benefits of a web-based solution. When you take advantage of our MS SQL consulting services, it can lead to some great advantages that we will get to in just a moment. First, we just want to mention a few examples of projects our Alpha AnyWhere developers have completed for some of our largest clients.

From Databases to Payroll Applications – Our Expertise and Experience

You don’t want to trust your business to just any custom software developers, and that makes sense. At Farber Consulting Group (FCG), we have the talented professionals who can complete your job successfully the first time. Here are a few of our projects and areas of expertise:

  • Payroll systems – We have developed a Fund Accounting application as web based solution that is in use for hundreds of school districts.
  • Avis Car Rental – One of our most notable clients, Avis car rental company trusted FCG to help convert their desktop applications to a web-based system that helped connect dozens of rental locations in the area.
  • MS SQL MVP – One of our remote database administrators has the honor of being designated an MS SQL MVP, recognized by Microsoft as an outstanding professional in the industry.

This is just a sampling of who you are working with when you choose FCG.

Is the Best Choice for Your Business to Convert Access to Web?

A few questions can help you to decide if you need the help of our MS SQL consulting services.

  • How many users do you have? – MS Access can’t handle having that many people using the database at the same time. The more employees you have, the better it is to convert your database to MS SQL.
  • Do you operate from more than one location? – MS Access may be a suitable in-house system if you run a small business from one location. If you want multiple locations to access the same database, you need the flexibility of a web-based database.
  • How much data is your company dealing with? – If you have too many clients, the sheer amount of data will slow down an Access database. This won’t happen with MS SQL. Therefore, a web-based database is the more scalable format as you grow your business.
  • Do you have remote workers? – A database in the cloud gives you the opportunity to work form home or to have your employees stay productive while at home or when traveling. The recent pandemic has taught us how important it is to be able to interact with a company database from anywhere.

This is also a good reason to have our Alpha AnyWhere developers create your custom software so it can be accessed from anywhere.

You Need Custom Software from a Dot Net Developers Company

Once we have optimized your database to ensure you have a sound foundation for your custom software, then our Dot Net developers can get to work on the rest of your web and mobile applications. This provides you with the user interface you need in order to streamline your business processes. Don’t let an off the shelf program tell you how to run your business. Custom software fits your needs and processes, so you don’t have to change how you do business.

Call the Faber Consulting Group today at 732-536-4765 to learn what our experts can do for you. There is a reason that we are the Dot Net developers company that NY and NJ businesses choose.

Doron Farber - The Farber Consulting Group

I started to develop custom software since 1985 while using dBase III from Aston Tate. From there I moved to FoxBase and to FoxPro and ended up working with Visual FoxPro until Microsoft stopped supporting that great engine. With the Visual FoxPro, I developed the VisualRep which is Report and Query Engine. We are also a dot net development company, and one of our projects is a web scrapping from different web sites. We are Alpha AnyWhere developers, and the Avis Car Rental company trusted us with their contract management software that we developed with the Alpha Five software Engine.


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