A Unique Combination of Applications and Database Development Consultants:

Plus, we offer remote DBA (database administration) services, so we can also help you to convert an MS Access database to a web-based database with SQL. We’re a one-stop shop for taking outdated desktop databases and applications and creating scalable web-based solutions that will support your business far into the future. While we migrate Visual FoxPro application to web bases solutions, our Visual FoxPro Consultants will maintain the current legacy application until the migrate into the new app is done.

Is There Any Way Not to Migrate Visual FoxPro to Web-Based Solutions?

Throughout the 90s, Visual FoxPro was the standard for developing custom software. However, modern business takes place in the cloud, not on desktop applications. If you want to provide your users with access from anywhere and if you want them to have the necessary data security and privacy features, there is no choice but to migrate Visual FoxPro to Dot Net or another modern engine like Alpha AnyWhere. If you are still using Visual FoxPro applications for mission-critical business functions, not only are your systems outdated, but they are also vulnerable to attacks.

It has been more than half a decade since support for Visual FoxPro ended. There are no security updates, patches, fixes, or manufacturer support. The language is obsolete, and you need applications that can provide more robust functionality while also allowing your systems to operate across the many devices available today (smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops).

The Farber Consulting Group Inc. uses both Dot Net and Alpha Anywhere to develop custom software for clients that is web-based, scalable, robust, and secure.

Do we have the knowledge and skills to maintain your existing systems? Sure. But shouldn’t you modernize your applications to protect your company’s data, the privacy of your clients, and give your users the convenience of being able to work on any device from any location? Let us help your company to convert your foxpro into the cloud. The productivity gained will pay for itself.

Convert Visual FoxPro to Alpha AnyWhere Software Development – Past Projects:

Alpha Anywhere (you may also know it by its previous name, Alpha Five) has helped Farber Consulting Group to develop custom software for many high-profile clients. A few examples include:

You can read more about the Alpha AnyWhere applications we developed and see some videos for some applications we created.

Alpha AnyWhere speeds up the software development process by generating a lot of the code automatically and by creating a publishing environment that makes it simple to update the software created. This makes the initial development faster, but it also means that security patches can be developed and implemented quickly. Thus, the benefits of updating an outdated desktop application become even more obvious.

Should You Migrate Visual FoxPro to Dot Net?

This is the other option that we provide to our clients, and it also has many benefits. Some of the reasons to choose Dot Net for your custom software development include:

  • Rapid application development
  • Scalable web-based solutions
  • Integration with your MS SQL database
  • Secure development framework
  • Promotes a simple and powerful UX
  • Offers high-performance features

Since Dot Net is a major framework supported by Microsoft, this provides developers and users with far greater options for security and functionality. As a dot net development company we also convert application as an ERP and improve their feature set as well. 

Don't hesitate to contact us for free consultation, to discuss the process of how to convert foxpro to web application.

Let The Farber Consulting Group Inc. Help You Migrate Visual FoxPro to Dot Net or Alpha AnyWhere:

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